Wedding vows have a special place in every wedding. They promise that every bride and groom in a traditional wedding ceremony make to the other during a ritual based on Western Christian traditions. However, they are certainly not mandatory in all countries and not necessarily required for marriage. They may not be recited by either the bride or groom during the wedding. The choice of what you do is up to you.

A common theme in all types of vows is love, although this is the most prominent theme in Western weddings. Wedding vows give expression to how one feels about his or her spouse. Many modern couples use poems, songs, quotes, or stories about true love as inspiration for writing their vows. Others may write their vows from their parents’ perspective, from their own experience, or a scriptural passage.

Wedding Vows Romantic and Inspiring

Wedding vows, if they are written and appropriately spoken, should express the commitment of two people to be together for the rest of their lives and promise the blessing between them. It should be a concrete promise made by both of them to have and to hold in the future. There are many different wedding vows, and you can easily find one that best expresses your love for your partner. However, it should be remembered that the words used do have a deep meaning and influence the rest of your relationship.

Wedding Poems and quotes may also be used as wedding vows. A trendy option is using a popular children’s poem as a wedding vow. Some examples are: “To my love, I give you my heart, My love will shine forth, In sickness and in health, In love and in peace, Formate and for a friend.” Another option is using the Old Testament Book of Ruth, which states: “Behold, thou art consecrated to me with this ring, according to the law of Moses and Israel.” These wedding vows can easily be found online or at your local book store and printed out for personalization.

Adding wedding vows to your ceremony is easy once you have the necessary wording that you like. Most importantly, you add your personal feelings to it and that your wedding vows to inspire you. Inspiration comes from the natural things around you and the natural environment you live in. Once you find your inspiration or a story that you want to tell while reciting your vows, take notes on where the story came from and connect you to the people in the audience.

Remember, wedding vows are only one part of the wedding ceremony. The decorations, music, flowers, and food will make the ceremony as beautiful as possible. However, if you choose to use a romantic quote, poem, or wedding toast as your wedding vows, make sure you include it in the ceremony.

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