Wedding Pie Strain; Everyone loves a beautiful strain crossing with Wedding Pie. This delicious, rich, creamy crust is created by the steam distillation of sweet potatoes and dates in a cold pot. The resulting sweet, thick, gooey mess will make anyone who eats it smile. It has been a long time favorite of many bride and groom, as well as one of the most requested desserts at any wedding reception.

Wedding Pie is yet another Wedding Cake hit, so figure out why it’s getting such a love-inspired cross with such a popular dessert. It’s no wonder, given how moist, gooey, and flavourful the filling is. It goes great with fruit toppings, trichomes, chocolate, mint, and coconut. Here’s how the wedding pie strain is made, using the trichomes as the flavor foundation:

pie strain

A strain of wedding pie is actually not really a strain at all; it’s more of a puree. Pureed foods can be kept in a food processor, then strained as desired. One way to do that is to use a blender or processor fitted with a chopping device. Just be sure to use a processor with a nonstick interior so as not to burn yourself. Blenders with integral chopping devices can also be used, though they take a little more effort.

The wedding cake strain has finished its fermentation, it should be cooled completely and then frozen. At this point, it can be used immediately, though it’s best shipped in its original container. Store it wrapped in wax paper to keep it fresh until needed.

There is a great deal of variety when it comes to choosing truffles for a strain. The classic French variety, made with whole-wheat flour, is a good place to start. This one has a very slight sweet aroma and nutty flavor. Italian style truffles are made with semolina, an Italian style flour that provides a slightly bitter but subtle aroma. Finally, there are whole-wheat and spiced terms that are used in many American recipes. Each has its own distinctive flavor that goes well with a number of recipes.

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