Wedding invitation is perhaps the most significant component of your wedding planning. In fact, it is a critical first step for prospective guests to understand exactly what your wedding entails. While providing a small sneak peek of your wedding style and aesthetic as a couple, your wedding invitation wording needs to convey all important information regarding your wedding day. They need to clearly state who is getting married, who is hosting, where and when the event and reception will occur, and who is paying for it. Wedding invitations are typically sent out one to three months in advance of the wedding date. Typically, the wording will be the first names of the bride and groom along with their wedding date, location, and time. However, many couples like to add a little excitement by doing away with the wedding date and using instead the phrase “Please meet” or “please join us.” Adding the wedding date can create excitement among guests, especially if you are having a surprise party and invite only close friends and family.

Wedding Invitation Text Wording Etiquette

The order of events in your wedding invitation will help determine how guests will receive the cards. It is traditional to have the bride and groom’s names on the left and right sides of the card. The top portion usually indicates the bride and groom’s last name (and sometimes the spelling). Then there is a smaller portion that contains the details of the wedding ceremony (time, location, and date), the reception (the words “Seasons Organized: August 27th through October 30th” are standard), and the program (the words “Ride-In: Tuesday, September 3rd to Friday, October 4th.”). The bottom portion of the card has the date, time, and place for dinner. Guests who attend the wedding will receive at least one copy of the invitation; if there are additional guests, each will receive a copy. Be sure to use proper wedding invitation wording etiquette when ordering invitations. If the wedding party and their families pay for the wedding, ask them to order the invitations at the same time. Ordering them in that manner will ensure you have enough time to mail them out (if there is an address provided on the invitation). You don’t want to let the stationery store know you ordered more invitations than they actually need. When planning your own wedding website, the same wedding invitation wording etiquette applies to ordering invitations. Have enough time to address the guests, so that they can put it all together on the card. This makes your guests feel appreciated. If they have to bring the pieces of paper and other materials to the wedding site, take some with you to the venue, so that guests know what they need to bring, so that they don’t have to do a double-take and bring the wrong pieces of papers or other materials, which could delay their trip.

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