Wedding Crasher strain was initially bred in 1990 by Ida H. Roos to commemorate its first wedding crasher. Growing the Wedding Crasher strain has proved to be a reasonably difficult task. She tends to develop physically in an Indica dominant manner and takes after the Flowery Wedding Cabbage family. Her leaves are thick and broad, so regular trimming is required to support the plant’s growth to prevent the plant from over-weeping and diverging from its intended direction. Regular pruning will also encourage the development of lateral shoots and buds. Pruning will also promote blooming.

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This beautiful selection is an excellent choice for a beginning gardener or an experienced gardener looking to expand their current plantings. This particular species is relatively tolerant of shade and will do well in most areas. It has a fast-growing rate and produces stunning flowers. If you want a beautiful and easy to care for plant that will provide blooming, quality flowers for your wedding crasher strain, then the Hydroponics White Lady would be a great choice.

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Another excellent choice for a wedding crasher strain that will please your guests is the Hydroponics Shasta Wedding Strain. The Shasta Wedding Strain produces a lovely and robust purple aroma with a touch of lime and pink. It has a sizeable blooming period, making ten large blooms per stem, and seven of them are in the color of purple. The flowers are enormous and produced in the spring only. Shasta Tea Gardens has the best tasting Hydroponic crops.

The third strain on the list is the Brandywine Hydroponic Bridal Strain. This is another excellent choice for wedding flowers. This is a sweet white flower that has a spicy citrus taste. It is a favorite with wedding crasher sprouts. Brandywine Hydroponic is known for having good flavor, lasting blooms, and producing lots of sweet-smelling and tasting cerebral flowers. Brandywine is also known to have rapid growth cycles.

With all the beautiful choices available, the wedding crasher strain you decide takes some special care to maintain your garden. Ensure that the plants are kept watered, fertilized, and checked to ensure they are growing correctly. Your final choice is the type of plant you want to grow. The popular choice is the Indica-dominant variety.

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