Viking weddings are some of the most romantic weddings that you’ll ever hear of. The brides and grooms take to the waves with traditional bridal jewelry sets and their matching wedding dresses. The Valkyries have even written much about this time in history in their sagas. After all, the wedding ceremony was an integral part of a Viking’s daily life.

It did not just mean getting a spouse into bed and making love for the first time. It meant getting the chance of parenthood, joining an extended family through blood, and building a true homestead. The type of Viking wedding decorations that you’ll see can give you a hint as to what type of marriage they were celebrating. Some of the decorations include wooden planks for the groom’s chair, horses carved into tools, and even a wooden sword resting on a shield embedded into the center of the reception table. Of course, the only way to really get the feel of the Viking wedding decorations is to use them yourself. You may think that it would be difficult to recreate such a time and place, but the truth is that you can. Of course, if you’re planning on inviting both the bride and groom to your reception, then it might be easier to hire a professional to provide the Viking wedding decorations for you.


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For example, there are plenty of local businesses that will make anything from authentic jewelry to handcrafted items for your Viking wedding. If you are planning on having both the groomsmen and bridesmaids wear actual jewelry, then this can be done as well. In fact, most brides and grooms opt for a matching set of Viking wedding decorations for themselves as well. Whether you choose handcrafted items or purchased ones, these can be easily found in local craft stores and are sure to fit with your overall theme. One other thing that you may want to consider for your Viking wedding rituals is the mead. If you like alcoholic beverages, then a nice choice would be mead beer. This is available everywhere, from grocery stores to specialty shops, and is easy to keep cool. This can be a nice alternative to wine, which will make any occasion that much more special.


Of course, not everything has to be related to food and drink. Another great choice for Viking wedding food includes cakes. If you want a sweet treat, consider a nice cake made in the shape of a hammer, which is commonly used by the Vikings. The cake cutting should match the hammer design, and if possible, use a handle carved in the shape of the Viking. If you want to add more of a theme to the cake, consider decorating it in a way that matches the mead you are using, such as using the same design for the eyes and the nose.

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