Unprofessional Hairstyles for men can lead to embarrassment at best, and sometimes downright embarrassment at worst. If you think it might be time to change your look, here are some quick tips to avoid making a mistake that will end up taking all the attention away from your face. Also, there are a few things you should know about your hairstyle that will help you make a good decision. These tips may help you get the results you want without committing to an unprofessional hairstyle.

Unprofessional hairstyles Avoid unprofessional hairstyles for men with a tendency to cut their hair short in layers. This can easily be done, but if the layers are not neat and tidy, they will take away from the shape of your face. To feel more confident on that upcoming day, strive for the following 10 unprofessional hairstyles for men and try the following suggestions. Formal meetings and business events, avoid switching colors together. One of the latest trends in unprofessional hairstyles for men is to wear dreadlocks. Many have compared it to the dreadlocks popularized by rapper Yusef Islam, which is completely unprofessional. Dreadlocks are actually a difficult look to pull off correctly, so many people opt for the more stylish up-do. While it’s still unprofessional, some have chosen to adopt a hip-hop look, wearing their hair long in braids. This is also a great option for black women who may have short hair because it will be impossible for white women to pull off.

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Another trend in unprofessional hairstyles for men is to wear side-parting or crop-tops. Many think that partings add volume to their hair, giving it more definition. However, partings and crops draw undue attention to the wearer, thus diminishing his or her appearance. Likewise, if the part is cropped, it can be compared to wearing braces. Both parts of an unprofessional hairstyle for men usually draw unwanted attention. If you don’t want to appear like a fraud, don’t part your hair. The third trend in unprofessional hairstyles for men is to wear dreadlocks. While many dreadlocks aficionados wear them because they are trendy, others wear them because of an unconscious bias toward African-American men. Also, dreadlocks can be associated with gang culture, which many black Americans do not want to associate with themselves. This unconscious bias makes black hair unprofessional simply because it has been imposed on them. Avoid this unprofessional hairstyle by choosing a different hairstyle that does not require hair cornrows.

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The last unprofessional hairstyles for black women this year are both damaging to the cause of racial unity. Many Twitter users compared the numerous photos of black women with unprofessional hairstyles to the white terrorist groups that attacked and killed innocent black women in the name of “self-defense.” The latter analogy was aptly appropriate, as these terrorists have exacted an unprofessional hairstyle upon themselves to justify their acts of so please make sure to stay away from them.

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