Tim Tebow Wedding is currently dating blonde South Carolina beauty, Brandi Tolliver. It’s the perfect match for the star, who has always been open and honest about her love of traveling and being with new people. The two met when Tim was promoting his book “Having It All: Turn Your Life Into A Game Plan” which is about achieving a successful life and creates incredible relationships.

As a former athlete, Tim played college football at the University of Florida. He has named the university’s all-time leading receiver as well as the SEC’s all-time leading passer. He led the Gators to three bowl games and became one of the most beloved players in the program’s history.Brandi is the mother of three children, ages six through ten. She has also raised her family alone. Her husband works full time and helps out with the kids during the week. She is a single parent and it is tough to be a single mom.

Tim Tebow Wedding

Tim and Brandi are so perfect for each other. Tim has always been open and honest about his desire to be a professional athlete. Brandi has always wanted the same thing for herself and her children. They have talked about having their own home in a rural area so they can raise their children together. They have discussed starting a foundation to help kids with their needs. Tim and Brandi fit each other like a glove. When the couple got engaged in March, they knew right away that this was going to be a special day for them. They have had several photographer sessions and have finally decided on a few creative options for the actual wedding.

Tim Tebow Wedding1

The wedding is going to be held on Tuesday, May 9th at the Heritage Country Club in Panama City, Fl. Tim and Brandi will be the only guests present. The reception will begin at two o’clock in the afternoon. The couple is hoping to see a large number of Florida fans at the event. Tim will be giving a speech about fighting for his football team and Brandi will give a speech about being a mother and loving her son. Both women will be making speeches that are sure to be a hit with everyone.

Tim’s father, George, is making arrangements for Tim and Brandi to be able to share their wonderful day as a couple during the week of the wedding. The two families are making sure that Tim and Brandi can share their momentous days with family and friends. Everything is set to be a perfect, wonderful day for everyone. Everyone who attended Tim’s wedding is just looking for one more perfect day to add to their collection of memories.

Tim and Brandi are planning on making the wedding as perfect as possible. They are taking every advantage that they possibly can. Brandi is going to spend most of her time at the spa getting ready for the big day. Tim is signing autographs all day long and is even making sure to sign the marriage license just for him. His parents, as well as the entire Tim Tebow family, are planning on coming to the wedding. Everything is coming together as one big happy family for this most special day.

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