Priyanka Chopra is a celebrity from India. She has been married to Dr. Raj K Chandani, a prominent writer and film producer in India. Priyanka is one of four children of Dr. K. Chandani, who was born in a rescue in the town of Kasauli. The rest of the family lives in Mumbai, India. As a child, Priyanka was already very close to her father, who died when she was only 18.

Priyanka Chopra’s wedding to Dr. K.C. took place in a hotel in Tokyo, Japan. This is where she met and got married to Dr. Raj K Chandani. Priyanka is not entirely traditional when it comes to marrying in a hotel. She wanted to be wed in her home in Mumbai. In fact, this was the theme of her first marriage to another prominent family. Her father was very glad that she wanted to marry in such a traditional location.

Priyanka Chopra
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Dr. Chandani and Priyanka’s family had many reasons to celebrate the wedding of Priyanka and Raj in such a grand manner. Dr. Chandani wanted the wedding to be conducted on a grand scale, as a kind of jubilee for Raj. The celebration lasted for three days, and it was organized by the then governor-general of India. The wedding reception was attended by other dignitaries as well as foreign heads of state.The significance of this wedding is etched into the annals of Indian politics as well as a social tradition. It is widely believed that the Japanese began the custom of Onam, which means “feast” in Hindi. This festival marks the bride’s departure from the house-keeping duties of a wife and begins the ritual of begging in the streets. This was an auspicious event in the eyes of the Hindu goddess, Anahata.

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This legend states that on this day the bride stepped into the sacred river the Ganges and was welcomed safely by the goddess. The story goes further to say that on this very day the bride got pregnant after a year of her marriage. Many Hindu saints believe that this was the turning point of the relationship between the Hindu goddess and the sage Vishnu. The legend states that the sage told her to go to the Himalayas and lay down her head on a rock. She then implored the holy water to flow over her body and bless her and finally take her to her husband. The marriage was auspicious and blessed by the holy water.

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