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Angel Hairstyles:

Hi there.
Welcome to Angel Hairstyles.
My name is Alê and I’m going to show you how to make all sorts of hairstyles. Whether you
need something quick and easy for a casual night out, something simple but beautiful for
school, or an eye-catching hairdo for a wedding, this is the channel for you.
I have some videos that teach beginners the basics, and others that will be useful for
professional stylists. Of course, practice makes perfect, so make use of the replay and pause
buttons. One good way to get lots of practice is to invest in a hair model like those you see in my
videos. I’ve put a link in the description to one that I recommend because its hairs are secured
more firmly, so it lasts longer.
You can write any questions in the comments and I will be sure to reply. Also, if you’ve seen a
hairstyle that you would like to copy, please send a phototo my Instagram @hairstyle_angels:
– I love a challenge!
Please subscribe to Angel Hairstyles and press the bell so you get an alert whenever I post a new
video. It’s great to have you here; I hope you enjoy the videos.





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