Kawaii Anime Hairstyles shorts

Japanese kawaii style has evolved greatly over the years and has been adopted by many different countries and groups, but itโ€™s always had one sure consistency: itโ€™s absolutely adorable! One of the key aspects to adopting a truly kawaii look is styling your hair. Without a cute hairstyle, you might not feel like your kawaii look is complete!

Tips for Drawing Kawaii Hairstyles

  1. Kawaii’s hair does not look 3D. It looks like a flat shape. This means no shading and no highlights.
  2. Kawaii is known for looking chunky and squishy, and kawaii hair is no exception :). It can still be pointy, but not as much as manga hair. No wispy ends, even though I love them so much!
  3. Keep the overlap of individual hair strands to a minimum. Focus more on creating an interesting overall shape of the hair, rather than arranging individual strands.
  4. Use fun colors! Kawaii hair can be blue, purple or orange, and it wonโ€™t damage it a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Make the outline of kawaii hair continuous. Unlike drawing realistic hair, where you use a broken outline to show hair overlap, kawaii hair outlineย goes all around the head and hair in one smooth line.

Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles give you the freedom to play around with various kawaii styles.

Add some side-swept bangs to enhance your sweet features.

Of course, you can always add hair extensions to lengthen your locks too. Most long kawaii styles reach the mid-back, with plenty of curls, waves, and volume.

You may also want to throw a wig on, if you wish to try a cute fashion color, such as pastel pink or green.



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