Emo Makeup; If you are thinking about a look for your upcoming Emo wedding, Emo makeup is definitely one that needs to be considered. This makeup style is closely identified with the style of art-rock bands from the 1980s, and if you are looking for a unique style to go into your big day then this may be something you will definitely want to consider. This makeup is specifically meant to create a very distinctive yet unique look that can really make you stand out from the crowd.


As you may not know, the term Emo actually stands for “emotional”. It was originally a reference to the singer’s natural moody and emotional behavior. Now, years later, this has morphed into a term that can be used to describe any teenage girl or woman who exhibits these traits. Regardless of how the term became associated with Emo makeup, it is definitely an appropriate description to use now. It is no longer simply the domain of young women or girls; anyone can embrace this look to make their statement or even add a little bit of variety to their normal makeup routine.



Emo makeup is typically a very dark shade of brown, with often dark or smoky eyes and a very depressed look to the cheeks. This makeup style is very unique and many different women have been able to use it to their advantage. No matter what other makeup you are using, the darker the better when it comes to covering up the sadness in your makeup. out getting ready so that you can properly perform your own Emo look. The best way to do this is to remember to bring along extra makeup that you are comfortable with. You will want to make sure that you have the right colors so that you look as natural as possible!

You will need a large makeup brush that you can make use of to blend the colors. This will make putting on your own Emo look that much easier. Next, you will want to use a dark liquid foundation.

Another tip for putting on your own Emo makeup style is to wear something that is covered up. For instance, you can use baggy pants instead of a dress. This will make your face look a lot paler which really complements the Emo look. Also, when you are applying your makeup, you will want to be careful not to put too much on because this will make you appear overdone. Instead, apply only enough that it shows off your natural beauty!

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