Christmas Wedding Planner, so you want to get married in the Christmas season? Or maybe you want to get married in December. The first thing you need to decide is if you want your wedding planner to coordinate with a church or if you want to be a private couple. Both have their pros and cons. As a planner, I can suggest two options: a church wedding planner or a non-denominational wedding planner. My personal preference falls somewhere in between.

If you go with a church wedding planner, you will most likely make all the decisions yourself. This is probably not the best way to go. First, you will have to make accommodations for all of your guests, not just the people who happen to show up for your service. In addition to that, you may not have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Some brides have particular requests, such as only allowing cell phones at their reception or having the groomsmen wear suits with matching ties.


You will most likely have to pay an excessive amount for the services they provide. Many wedding planners start with an exceptionally high starting fee. If you plan on using them exclusively, you may want to reconsider this. They may even try to charge you more when they know you plan on other events, such as bridal showers or the bachelorette party. In my experience, if you tell them the kind of events you plan to have, and precisely where you want them to focus their attention (i.e., the bridal shower or the bachelorette party), you will get a better price and more bang for your buck.


A Christmas wedding planner who is not affiliated with a church tends to offer a less personal service and less flexibility. This is because they are more focused on meeting the needs of the client. They may only have a few hours to work with you and may have to accept your payment upfront to get started. However, they usually have several references that you can call on if you need to double-check their credentials. As you shop around, be sure you ask about the connections and whether or not they would recommend them.

Make sure you get a written account of all meetings. Be sure that there are detailed notes and not just a set of bullet points. It is also good to know how often the planner gets busy and if you can expect to get a response within a couple of days at most. Finally, be sure that they have a phone number to contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

As you can see, hiring a Christmas wedding planner does not have to be a frightening prospect. The most important thing is to make sure that you do your research and that you choose wisely. Ask plenty of questions, get pricing information and also listen to their recommendations. Remember, you are the one paying them, so make sure you get what you are paying for! If you follow these simple guidelines, you will soon find yourself having a wonderful and stress-free Christmas season! Happy shopping!

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