Courthouse Wedding; are you planning on getting married in a courthouse? There are many good reasons to do so. Courthouse wedding benefits are just another reason to tie the knot legally. The legal nature of a courthouse wedding makes it officially married and makes you honestly married as well.

Courthouse wedding in the armed forces, which makes the ceremony authorized by the branch you are serving. From the Coast Guard to the Air Force, they recognize courthouse weddings as a legally binding event. In the Navy, it is considered an official civil ceremony. In the Marine Corps, it is regarded as a non-judicial summary court-martial. Each branch has different requirements as to what constitutes a civil wedding ceremony.

Courthouse Wedding

The bride needs to understand all of the rules associated with getting married in a courthouse and get her legally married. One of the first things to consider is if she is allowed to be wed in the courthouse. While this may not apply to everyone, it is vital to make sure ahead of time she can be married there. It is not unheard of for couples to plan their civil ceremony outside of a courthouse. However, several guidelines must be followed. In many cases, brides will not be allowed to wear anything that conceals their identity (i.e., wedding jewelry). The dress code at a courthouse wedding will specify what attire is required, but you might want to have your bridal jewelry professionally made or have a trusted friend to help you select something that looks nice. If you’re going to be discreet, you might want to choose to wear a black gown with white pearls (something that potential guests will easily spot), or for a more traditional ceremony, wear a white dress with red velvet or grosgrain ribbon to match.

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Another option you have when trying to save money on your courthouse wedding is to have the wedding planner create the food plan for you. This is something that most couples end up doing because it is typically cheaper than asking the restaurant for a pre-planned meal or even a buffet. It is essential to decide what type of food would be best for you and how many people will be attending. It would help if you also thought about whether you will want a sit-down meal or a cocktail party. Some couples elect to have a casual dinner in the courthouse hall so that they can avoid the cost of wedding favors or even a caterer. To save money on the food, couples will typically choose to have appetizers, finger foods, and desserts.

A significant thing that you will need to remember when planning your courthouse wedding is to have a good photographer. This is where a great option to saving some money is by having your photographer take the ceremony photos and then creating the photobook as a bonus for you. Typically, if you request that the photographer take the ceremony photos at the courthouse instead of your home, you will pay a flat fee versus an hourly rate. If the cost is the same, you might consider getting both photos done at home and then have the wedding photographer create a photo book that you can give as a gift to your guests.

Courthouse wedding; One of the biggest mistakes that couples make when looking to save money on a wedding is hiring a person to do the catering. The wedding party does the entertainment. Most people will hire the caterer to take care of the dinner and the joy because they do not want to worry about the flowers, the photography, the music, the setting, etc. However, the entertainer must be booked well in advance to ensure that they show up. If you know that the couple that will be performing will be on vacation, it is always best to book them a little early to give them time to get everything sorted out. It is still best to book a bit earlier than to find out that the couple has to cancel their reservation or be held up because of something.

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