Clown makeup is a fun look for any Halloween party. How do you pull it off? It is quite simple to pull of clown makeup, even if you are not a clown. The most critical component of clown makeup is the face. You want to look at your face in the mirror and define a clown look. Traditional clowns have broad oval-shaped faces. You can modify this look by taking away some of their facial hair (shaving or waxing), adding a more bulbous nose, and putting in a more cartoonish clown nose.

clown makeup

Clown Makeup İdeas?

When putting on your makeup, you may decide to use a specific color to dress up your face. Many clowns choose to wear red clown makeup, orange, yellow makeup, or royal blue color makeup. Selecting these specific colors will stand out and give you a unique look. Traditional clowns wear white face paint; however, if you feel like making a splash with a different color, then go for it!

Next, put on your mouth makeup. To achieve the best results, choose a flesh-tone base such as a foundation with gold shimmer, a sheer flesh-tone foundation, or a cream flesh-tone base. You will also want to apply a bright lip gloss over your natural lip color to create the most radiant look possible.

If you want to wear a red clown mask, you need to choose a white makeup primer before applying the mask. You will want to line your mouth and cheeks and smudge any white makeup areas that may show through the act. This will create a white clown face. To complete the look, top off your clown costume with a flesh-tone false nose. You can either use an old, dirty plaid shirt or even skip the shirt and buy a wig, clown wig, or clown face makeup.

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