Anime makeup is applied with an intricate brush like the ones that cosplayers use. You should be wearing something light to allow your makeup to show through. One thing I recommend is not to use a liquid foundation. If you have ever applied liquid foundation before you know how thick it can be. Applying this type of makeup is difficult and takes a while to get right. If you apply it the wrong way, it’ll be obvious.

Anime Makeup

Anime Makeup1

The next tip I give people who are thinking about buying an anime makeup kit is to use a primer before applying the makeup. The primer will help your face look less washed out after applying the makeup. This is especially important for blue eyes, they tend to look washed out when applied without a primer. Something I recommend is not to use pencils, eye shadow and blushes in the same area. This may seem confusing but applying them all together can end up streaking. It’s better to have different colors of eye shadow and pencils in different areas.  There are also a few things that I would recommend if you want to really dress up your Anime character hairstyle: a great hairdo, some good accessories, and of course an effective blush! Don’t forget the best Anime makeup tip I can give you and that’s to not overdo it when it comes to applying your makeup. The colors and strokes you apply can actually help lengthen or shorten your look! Apply a little bit more makeup on the ends to make your hair fuller or add on some extra spiky highlights! By following these tips you will be able to pull off Anime makeup beautifully!

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Make sure you stay away from grease, sponges, and other products that can stain or mess with your makeup. There are several products you can purchase that are water-based, which are designed specifically for use with anime characters. They are non-water-based, meaning they won’t clog your pores and leave unwanted streaks. These products are designed especially to be used around the eye area. The results are amazing!

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